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Smart Cat Odor Purifier for Cat Litter Box

Smart Cat Odor Purifier for Cat Litter Box

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Cat owners often face unbearable odors when cleaning their cat litter boxes. Cats being carnivores tend to produce smelly waste, and the odor can be a significant challenge for pet owners. Additionally, the dust generated when cats bury their waste can be unpleasant for both cats and humans. Furthermore, dogs can leave their body odor on furniture and kennels, creating an overwhelming environment.

To restore peace and love in your home, DownyPaws Cat Litter Deodorizer offers a solution to these common pet-related issues. Choose DownyPaws Cat Litter Deodorizer to enjoy a cleaner, fresher home that is free from pet-related odors and dust, promoting a harmonious environment for you and your beloved pets.

Do you suffer the same Unbearable Order, Dust Surrounding, and Animal Smell?


DownyPaws Cat Litter Deodorizer is a new mode of odor eliminator in the market, which is using new ion decomposition technology to eliminate and control odor up to 90%. It's specially designed for cats, puppy or any small spaces, like Cat Litter Box, and dog crate.
It won't generate any harmful or unwanted smells, better and safety than the traditional eliminator. Let's create a better environment for your pets and a fresh home!!

How it works?

  1.  DownyPaws litter box odor eliminator contains a negatively charged ion generator inside, It can release deodorizing and dust-reducing ions automatically.
  2.  It equipped with a highly sensitive biosensor to capture cats movements of entering and exiting the litter box. When the cat approaches the litter box odor eliminator, it will turn off automatically and restart deodorization after the cat leaves. This will make sure that your cat will not be disturbed in any way. No worries for your kitty!

Please Note:

  • *!!!When receiving the product, please use the 5V1A adapter to charge for 2-3 hours to check whether the product can be turned on normally. Do not use fast charging, fast charging will cause it to fail to charge.
  • *The odor may not disappear completely at first, but after 1-2 days, you will feel the significant difference.
  • *For better odor control, place the deodorizer in litter box or closer to the box.
  • *When cleaning the litter box every 2 weeks, you can take out the odor eliminator and charge it.

Sensor Detection Range

  • The monitoring range of the sensor is 3 meters, 120°. Please ensure that no people or pets move frequently within the monitoring range of the machine. Otherwise the deodorizer will be in a standby state all the time, resulting in a decrease in the deodorization effect.

Suitable For All Kinds Of Occasions Requiring Deodorization Like Cat Litter Box, Bathroom, Shoe Cabinet, Toilet, Wardrobe

24-hour Monitoring

  • After the deodorizer is turned on, it monitors and remove the odors 24/7 to ensure that the litter box smells fresh.

Soft Light Indicators

  • The indication light of DownyPaws deodorizer is soft and pet-friendly. Even at night, your pets won't be disturb and sleep well.
  • Blue light is on: deodorizing and dust-reducing
  • Blue light blinks: smart monitoring status
  • Red light is on/blinking: power shortage, needs charging

Lasts 14 Days on a single charge

  • Its battery(4000mAh capacity) lasts for 14 days on a single charge, so this pet odor eliminator saves you from replacing expensive accessories like batteries or filters.

Anti-Scratch Design

  • The litter deodorizer is designed for convenience and durability. It features a heavy-duty cap with double-sided tape on the back of its snap cap, allowing you to easily hang it on any surface of your choice. This innovative design ensures that you can securely snap the deodorizer into the cap by turning it, preventing your cat from scratching it off. Additionally, we provide two extra adhesive stickers, eliminating the need to worry about replacing a new litter box without adhesive stickers.

Compact and Convenient

The deodorizer is compact which won't take too much space, and it can be flexibly placed in different places.

  • Size: 9.2*9.2*4 cm
  • Weight: 180g
  • Deodorization Rate: ≥ 99%
  • Dust reduction Rate: ≥ 99.9%
  • Operating Hours: 24/7
  • Working Sound: ≤ 20db
  • Battery Life: Up to 14 days on a single charge
  • Charging Method: USB Powered

How to charge it?

  1.  Hold the cat litter deodorizer and turn it counterclockwise to remove it from the cap. Plug in the USB cable and charge it from any USB port (≤ 5v input).
  2. The blue light will blink when charging. Once fully charged, the blue light will be on.
  3.  Align the snap part with the cap slot and turn it clockwise until it can't be turned.

Easy Set Up & Maintenance

  1. Use a dry cloth to clean the surface (20-40cm away from the cat litter box is ideal)
  2. Press the power switch on the back to turn it on and the blue light flashes twice to indicate it is on.
  3. Peel off the protection film of the tape and press it to the surface for 10 seconds to ensure it firmly installed
  4.  Align the deodorizer to the cap and turn it clockwise until it can't be turned.


What's included

  • 1 x Cat Litter Deodorizer
  • 1 x USB Cable (No power adapter)
  • 1 x Cap
  • 2 x Double-sided Tape
  • 1 x User Manual



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