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Cervical Inflatable Neck Traction Device

Cervical Inflatable Neck Traction Device

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Prolonged phone use or desk work, computer usage at the office or while doing homework, and other daily activities often lead to chronic neck pain, tension, headaches, and soreness. Serious issues like herniated, compressed, or bulged discs, pinched nerves, cervical neck spasms, strains, and cervical spondylosis can also arise.

Our inflatable neck traction device provides a practical solution. Made with premium surface materials, it offers physical therapy for your cervical spine. With just 2-3 sessions lasting 20-30 minutes a day, this inflatable neck decompression stretcher can effectively alleviate these pains and address serious issues. It's a convenient and non-invasive way to find relief from chronic neck discomfort and promote overall neck and spine health.

Please note that individual results may vary, and it's important to consult with a healthcare professional if you have serious neck or spine issues before using such a product.

How Does Our Neck Stretcher Work?
1. Place the Neck Stretcher around your neck with put the sticking straps in front. You can use a mirror to help.
2. Sit up straight, and rest your back in the chair.
3. Start inflating until you feel a light stretch of the neck. Let your head rest comfortably inside the pillow. Relax your muscles.
4. Pump it again in gradual increments as you get used to the stretching effect. Enjoy the swift pain relief and muscle relaxation!
5. We suggest that you use the neck traction device 2-3 times a day for 10-15 minutes per session, gradually increasing the length of the sessions over time.
Color: coffee, red, blue, purple, gray (optional)
Material: flocking cloth, liner
Size: one size

Package Included:
1 Piece * Cervical traction device


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