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Flat Microfiber Pad Mop

Flat Microfiber Pad Mop

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2023 NEW Floor Clean Flat Mop Self-cleaning Household Lazy Slide

Wet Dry Squeeze Microfiber Pad Window Tile Tool Scraping Strip

Note:the mop or bucket is shipping separately,to buy separately,

not shipping together,,please look the link clearly

Product name:hand free flat mop

Product style:blue and white

Product size:133X42X11cm

NOTE:please allow 0.5-1.5cm measurement error


1.With the flat mop's innovative design, you can effortlessly clean your floors without the need to bend or strain your back.

2.Self-Cleaning Feature: The self-cleaning feature allows you to easily rinse off dirt and debris from the mop,

ensuring a hygienic cleaning experience every time.

3.Large Size for Quick Cleaning: The 42cm big size of this mop enables you to cover a larger surface area, reducing the

time and effort required to clean your floors.

4.Versatile Cleaning: This flat mop is suitable for both wet and dry cleaning, making it perfect for various surfaces,

including hardwood, tile, laminate, and more.

5.Microfiber Rags for Effective Cleaning: The included microfiber rags are highly absorbent, effectively trapping dirt,

dust, and allergens for a thorough and streak-free cleaning experience.

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